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Education & Curriculum

All our teaching staff are up to date on our curriculum, through work-shops and presentations from Cambridge.
Our passion is to teach, inspire and physically see the fruits of our labour in the world's greatest positions.
Looking forward to meeting you!
International School Uganda
International School Uganda


Primary Section

Our Kindergarten is the epitome of direct teacher attention from 9am to 4pm, ideal for the busy parent and inquisitive toddler. By age 6 our Kindergarten pupils are always able to read passages confidently, use word and design software on computers and PC tablets as aswell as complete age appropriate Math problems.

What sets KDSi apart and miles ahead of other schools is simply the fact that besides the rigrous British Primary Curriculum which prepares pupils for Checkpoint Examinations in Year 6, the primary section is where we begin to equip students with European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages specifically French -where classes begin in Key Stage I-, German, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic,

International School Uganda
International School Uganda

Secondary Section


Beginning from Year 7, KDS begins to split General Science into Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Decades of first-hand experience has taught us that an early introduction in small doses of the complex aspects of science is something students hold on to and utilise up until they reach their Cambridge IGCSE Exams in Year 11 which we also adequately prepare them for,

In preperation for their GCE A-Level Cambridge Examinations, candidates have dedicated Science & Arts based subject teachers at their disposal throughout the year. Boarders have the added bonus of a Biology and Chemistry Teacher fully accessable while in the boarding house over the weekends,

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