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Principal's Welcome



International School Uganda

Hello, and thank you for your interest!  On behalf of Kampala Diplomatic School I would like to warmly welcome you to our community.


KDS is an international primary & secondary school located in Kampala, Uganda.  For all subjects taught we use the Cambridge International Curriculum, which is the world’s largest provider of international education programs and qualifications for 5-19 year olds.


Building on a rich 24 year tradition of diplomatic schools established in Sudan, Chad, Botswana and now Uganda--Kampala Diplomatic School is the most recent addition to join our pan-African franchise.  Committed to continuing in the legacy of academic excellence of our other diplomatic schools, we strive to provide an internationally recognized education that gives our students the ability to be competitive and successful in the wider world.  Many of our alumni have gone on to pursue their post secondary education at notable colleges and universities around the world, including: University College London (UK), Bristol University (UK), University of Reading (UK), Indiana University of Pennsylvania (USA), Saint Mary’s University (Canada), University of Bern (Switzerland), and many others.


Our highly experienced staff is a pleasant mix of teachers joining us from countries around the world, including: USA, Uganda, UK, Kenya, France, Australia, Germany, and The DRC.  They work hard to prepare students to be critical and creative thinkers through our distinctive curriculum, which utilizes thematic units and experiential learning while supporting in-depth study of traditional academic subjects.  We also offer specialized courses customized to the unique needs of our student community.  One such course that I am teaching is International Diplomacy.  This was developed as a response to the desire expressed by several of our students parents.  As many of the students attending KDS come from families working in Uganda as foreign diplomats, they are keenly aware of the importance that foreign policy and international relations play in the 21st century.


In striving to meet the needs of a demanding and internationally relevant education we work diligently to create a progressive learning environment.  All of our classrooms are equipped with digital technologies, and every student is given a tablet PC.  Many of our teachers also utilize emerging technologies and teaching methods to help students learn their course material in the most effective ways.


The result is a culturally rich, creative, student-centered program that leads, seamlessly, from the early-childhood years through to an IGCSE Certification.


Like her sister Diplomatic Schools in other countries, Kampala Diplomatic School will be taking students to enjoy classes in top schools and colleges in the UK and Europe. We aim to develop even more global links. These trips and educational exchange visits help to nurture confidence in the students as they experience the teaching in top schools and colleges around the world, preparing them for future further studies overseas.


International Examination Results and the distribution of students within top world universities is the element parents look for when they seek schools for their children. As Diplomatic Schools across the globe have already sent many students to top world universities like Oxford, Bristol, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, London and many, Kampala Diplomatic School takes pride in being part of this international system and is proud that this long popularity and experience will be enjoyed in Kampala Diplomatic School. The long experienced IGCSE examination officers from the diplomatic schools across the world have been called to come to boost up Kampala Diplomatic School performances; so that it does not open as a new school, but with the experience derived from existing powerful diplomatic schools across the globe.

We looking forward to welcoming you at the school.


Mrs. Venturina A. Nyeko 
Kampala Diplomatic School




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