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June 2023
Cambridge Examination Results



The results of the May/June 2023 Cambridge International Examinations came out in August 2023. According to the Cambridge IGCSE results statistics for June 2023, our results significantly exceeded the cumulative global total grades worldwide! We are immensely proud to announce the following results achieved by our students:






We extend an honourable mention to two students, who performed exceptionally well and look forward to providing continued guidance in preparation for university.


  • Muhwezi Karen Emily 7A* and 1A (A* A* A* A* A* A* A* A)

  • Fiza Shahid 4A*, 4A (A* A* A* A* A A A A)

  • Nkolo Paul 4A*, 3A, 2 B (A* A* A* A* A A A B B)


A Level

  • Amirmahdi Alinaghipour:

    • Chemistry - A

    • Physics - A

    • Mathematics - A

    • Further Mathematics- A​

  • Paula Therese Nkolo:

    • Physics - A

    • Mathematics - A

    • Computer Science - A


Kampala Diplomatic School has awarded significant bursaries to the top performers in recognition of their exceptional performance and to support them and their families in their endeavours.

The new term begins in September 2023, we are currently accepting new admissions from students age 5 to 18.​​

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