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Chairman of Kampala Diplomatic School on Biomass Electrification - NTV Uganda

While our Chairman -Board of Directors- is not swarmed with administrative work on campus, he involves himself in promoting sustainable rural electrification. The message he preaches is simple, the sheer wealth and potential our country possesses is right infront of us. All we need to do is realise it.

According to World Bank - only 14.6% of the Ugandan population is connected to electricity. A figure which seems absurd at first sight but in reality if unadressed is a vital issue inhibiting the advancement of the population as a whole.

From what we understand in our Environmenal Management IGCSE classes: global warming is being caused by the increasing levels of carbon dioxide gas released into the environment, when people use fossil fuels to run their cars or to produce electricity e.g. diesel generators. The generation of power through biomass gasification, is a means to tackle this mammoth of a problem, generating clean, green, elctricity, while helping improve the environment by averting the release of carbon dioxide gas.

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